Boy Racer

Since his penniless teenage years
in the Great Depression to old age
at 88 Dad had maintained a healthy
disrespect for police and traffic
law. His job providing a car for his
required duties he zipped around
city and surrounding countryside
over great distances impatient of
all drivers young and old, fast
and slow, driving before him,
impeding his rapid progress.

Had he been born much later on
he would have joined the young
ones seeding in their races on
long straight roads in burnouts
donuts, in heavily altered cars.

In retirement he continued, impatient,
demanding the road as his right.
Until the day a uniform chalked
a parking mark on his tyre,
outside his favourite liquor store.

About to roar his objections
he stopped …… remembered
elderly drivers losing licences
for driving others deemed unsafe.

He choked back his rage, spoke
politely, retained his licence.


Boy Racer