Repairing The Road

Miles of coastal road lay
deep under the earthquake’s
vast landslides at the foot
of steep slopes and cliffs.

Abseilers dislodged loose scree
along the uppermost ridges
secured these rocky faces.

Heavy machines at perilous
angles shifted boulders, loose
earth, packed soil dumped
boulders at the water’s edge.

Road workers built the road
surfaced up to the concrete
barriers above the rocks
at the edge of lapping waves.

In front of the concrete barriers
on rocks and water’s edge
wildlife workers with staves
and boards held at bay furious
bull seals guarding territory
for females and pups. They had
returned just after the earthquake’s
booming roars ended.

Thirteen months later to the day
after the earthquake ended the
coastal road opened to human
traffic while the seals enjoyed
rock and sea beond
their concrete barrier.

Repairing The Road