Eketahuna Earthquake

In comfortable arm chairs
my friend and I enjoy
her cool shady living room
on a hot sunny afternoon,
leisurely chatting, sipping tea.

A grinding roar deafens us.
A giant foot kicks
the back of my chair.
I turn but see no one.
The furniture rocks and sways
the floor undulates
like waves at sea.
What is deafening us ?

My friend rushes to the doorway,
leans against the jamb.
I stare at her,
realise an earthquake
is rocking the house.
I run to the other jamb.

The door and floor move freely
as if fixed  to nothing.,
the roaring grinds on.
It lasts for fifteen seconds
on an epicentre 36 kilometres away.

Later a builder checked
my friend’s chimney,
said the mortar no longer
held its bricks together.

She had it dismantled.

Previously posted December 2015.

Eketahuna Earthquake