Ripple Effect

Three years ago last
November a violent powerful
earthquake rocked our shaky
isles in the middle of the night.
Usually I sleep through them
but my sliding doors banged
so long that at last I woke up.

The sliding door into my kitchen
was knocked off its little guide
rail, the repairman said the carpet
underneath was loose. The carpet
man said the carpet’s anchoring
square edging was wet and all
puffed up. With water coming
under the wall from the shower
I would have to call the plumber.
The plumber said the shower box
would need to be dismantled
by the builder so the shower
could be repaired. Then the
builder would re line the
shower box. No more leaks.

And so it finally ended, this
saga from the quake. My kitchen
door and living room carpet
were functioning, well repaired.
The builder toe out the the shower
box lining, the plumber repaired
the shower tray and mixer, the
builder relined the shower box.

All with the related large bills.

Six months later this earthquake
damage was fixed …… So far.

Previously posted June 2017.

Ripple Effect