The eight year old’s grandmother’s
watch her school progress with
great happiness and interest.

The school put her in a group for
extra reading support, her teacher was
impressed with her oral participation.

But Auntie Jo gives her support tuition
in maths after school each week.

After her sight test the optician
recommended a specialist who tested
her reflexes, muscle co-ordinations
eye brain co-ordinations, balance.
She recommends exercises to improve
these when she checks the eight year
old every half term. We see wonderful
improvements in this child with so
many difficulties in so many ways.

We continue to work on maths.

Though happy for the eight year old
the grandmothers grieve for their sons,
brothers of her mother and father.

They are middle aged now, have only
ventured on a narrow range of life options,
too unconfident to branch out further.