The eight year old has asked me
to continue her weekly maths
tutorials during the school holidays.
She says she needs an expert.

Life is so unfair.
Eight is too young for this.

Fifteen months ago at  her school’s
open maths morning what she said
and did puzzled me.

I tested her at home. Her stressed
reactions stunned me.

In the kitchen her mother was sombre.
“My brother was like that,” she said.

There is no dyslexia in my family
but we have married into two
dyslexic families. We are learning.

The eight year old’s mother knew what
was ahead. I will be learning for a while.

The eight year old works so hard
to get good results at school
then works with me again after
school on Monday afternoons.

Sometimes after her lengthy
energy sapping efforts she explodes
into spectacular meltdowns.

Life is so unfair.