Chicken Nuggets, Big Macs, Fries, and Kumara.

A diet decreed by health
professionals has been deemed
essential for my functional
quality of life. Approved
healthy foods are urged on
me at family gatherings.

I am trying to comply but
I refuse to interact with the
favourite super food of
familial health professionals
…… kumara*. No. I can not
eat it.  They are puzzled.

I deeply miss chicken nuggets
Big Macs an fries. I did not
eat them often but the choice
was always mine !

“No nutritional value !” exclaim
the health professionals, surprised.

No indeed !  Instead they have
delicious savoury flavour,
juicy burger patty, hot crisp
crustiness of fries, all so sensual
to the taste buds, such glorious
lingering taste and texture.

We have agreed to differ on
this matter of food sensuality.

Kumara is off my menu.

**kumara – New Zealand sweet potato.

My computer stopped working 36 hours ago and I am posting this  at the library during a brief visit to town.  I hope to have my own computer access again in the next day or two.
Unfortunately I may miss some of the posts I find so interesting.

Chicken Nuggets, Big Macs, Fries, and Kumara.