Food Disposal

Two packets of my favourite
shortbread biscuits sat in my
cupboard …… looking at me
every time I went there.

My blood sugar levels crept up
in spite of my dietary care.
I had allowed myself occasional
sweet treats at home but now
my medication was increased.
Time to reserve treats for occasional
meals away from home. Treats in
the cupboard just stare at me
when I open the cupboard door.

I plucked up my resolution and
both packs of biscuits, walked
along to the flat next door, held
the biscuits out to my neighbour.

“Would you eat these before I do ?”
She was happy to oblige . Her
grandchildren will certainly help
her, she likes these biscuits too.

I wonder …. will the children
leave any biscuits for her ?

Food Disposal