Beads, Make Up And Pink

The writing on the sticker inside
Mrs Jones’ wardrobe said
“Likes to wear beads and make up.”
“Loves pink.”

Each morning after breakfast in bed,
after ward staff shower Mrs Jones,
they dress her.
She chooses her clothes for the day,
checks they brush her hair
as they should,
stares at it in the mirror
beside her wardrobe.
Her hair is blue rinsed and
set like the Queen’s every Thursday
by the rest home’s hairdresser.
They powder her face –
her hand is unsteady –
then carefully apply her lipstick.
Finally her beads,
she must have her beads,
strands of them
looped round her neck.

One morning her dresses weren’t
back from the laundry !
After much rummaging
of clean dry clothes
they found a pink jacket and dress
in the clothes baskets.
“Ah ! Mrs Jones’ colour !”
What a huge relief ! for
Mrs Jones was outspoken,
yes, strident as times.

The pink outfit she was
pleased to accept
and graciously paraded
in the residents’ lounge.

Previously posted February 2016.

Beads, Make Up And Pink