Hard Of Hearing

With your ears full of infected
gunk you don’t hear much at all.

People’s mouths move you don’t
hear the sounds coming out.
Mum moves round the living room
you don’t hear the vacuum cleaner
or things being moved around.
Mum cooks in the kitchen you
don’t hear the pots and pans or the
fork mixing food in the bowl.

In your bedroom playing little
cars you don’t know if people
are in the house unless they
come along to your room.

At night in bed you are told
to go to sleep but silence is
scary, you need big sister.

Little cousin had many ear
infections at two, then three.
Trips to the doctor brought
repeat medications yet his ears
kept being horrible to him.

One desperate Friday night dad
took him to an emergency doctor
who prescribed new medication.
Those ears knew they were beat
they got busy hearing again.

At four little cousin is getting
to know the world around him.

Hard Of Hearing