Notice To Cyclones

Lately you have exceeded
you job description surging
so far south of the equator.
Your duties are to stir up
torrid humid air down as
far as the Tropic of Capricorn
at latitude 23 degrees south
while unfortunate island
dwellers must tolerate you.

You strayed beyond
latitude 34 south
smashing our continental
neighbour’s south eastern
states to smithereens then
drowning vast acreages.

Beyond latitude 34 south
our shaky isles, always
unsettled, have lately been
heaved up to great heights
then dropped down low,
shattering towns, roads,
countryside and coasts.

Now twice within four
weeks your violence has
battered and flooded us.

Go back to your home
stay on you equator !

Previously posted April 2017.

Notice To Cyclones