As cars drove by on our busy
road in the late afternoon
a cyclist fell off her bicycle.

As a driver turned into our street
she saw the cyclist on the road,
body jerking under her bicycle.

As our neighbours pulled up to
their house the driver phoned
the ambulance, asked them for rugs.

As I reached my letterbox
my neighbours called for rugs
which I fetched from my flat.

As I placed my rug over the
cyclist on the road the traffice
increased …. I stood near her
feet to direct cars around her.

As the ambulance officers checked
the cyclist, still unable to speak,
the others checked her wallet
for her name and address.

As they checked her wallet
the cyclists’s neighbour from
the far end of the street walked
past from the supermarket, told
her address to the officers.

So much serendipity
dissolved a disaster.