Covid 19

With Zoom finally downloaded
he rang from Australia.

Mum stared at her phone
ringing on her pillow, spoke
to him cautiously took the
phone to the dining table –
didn’t faint ! Gave it to
Little Brother beside Auntie
Jo. Tottered back to bed.

Little Brother talked to
Uncle Mike a few minutes
then ran outside.

His sisters took the phone
talked to Uncle Mike for
nearly an hour about school,
after school, hobbies, while
Auntie Jo did Mum’s tasks.

At last power drained from,
Uncle Mike’s phone. Reluctantly
he said his goodbyes, distress
homesickness resonating
through his mobile phone.

Still not settled at forty, people
relationships jobs are all too
hard. Reading, writing take
so much energy. He is fed up
with his adult relations
enjoys the children.

He wants to come home but new
air fares and $3000 compulsory
isolation are beyond him and
his pandemic stricken family.

Covid 19