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In 1881 in a tiny rural village
on fertile volcanic land
an indigenous community went
about their daily rounds tended
fields, gardens, animals, baked
bread, children played outside
…… In 1881. ……

White settlers  fleeing dire
poverty in their home country
craved this fertile land, told
their government it should be
theirs. So their army moved
on this village, claiming false
ownership boundary disputes.

The pacific village and their
leaders in peaceful passive
resistance stayed still as this
army approached,  attacked men
and children, raped women
arrested men, took them away
to prison,  drove women and

136 years later descendants of
villagers and soldiers met again
in ceremonial gathering at the
village. The government paid
reparations, apologised.

So late, after so many years.
We hope this helps them
along the paths they seek.

Previously posted July 2017.

Sorry (2)