Leaving the hospital after
regular blood tests I
follow an unfamiliar route
home past a cluster of
shops where a cafe exhales
a rich deep robust aroma
of sumptuous dark coffee.

My previous enjoyment of a
substantial capuccino in bright
cheerful cafe surroundings has
not favoured me in return,
bringing nausea, dizziness,
headaches later on unless
accompanied by a large meal
to soak up the caffeine.

All this is long forgotten
as I succumb to the rich
cafe air, consume the
capuccino with a sandwich.

I have a quiet day, no
dizziness or nausea. That
night I go to bed, read,
turn out the light, lie awake,
breathe deeply, slowly, count
sheep, read turn out the light
again, lie until dawn arrives.

I have not slept all night.

Previously posted April 2017