Claiming His Rights

Within half an hour his
semi automatic gun killed fifty,
sent forty two to hospital for
multiple operations over many
weeks. His walking wounded
were treated and discharged.

Since his arrest he is in a
prison maximum security wing
at the far end of the country, in
solitary confinement away from
prisoners who want to harm him,
especially brown skinned prisoners.

He claims he is not getting his rights
rights. He is supplied with meals,
bed, exercise, medical care
as dictated by New Zealand law.

Internet access, newspapers, letters,
phone calls are at the discretion of
the Justice Department – all denied.

The internet hordes who cheered on
his live streamed shooting rampage,
his fellow chatroom predatory trolls
do not reach him, – nor he them.

The department has denied his
demands according to the detailed
provisions of our Corrections Act.

The judge presiding over his hearing
next Friday has banned cameras
from the courtroom to preserve
the integrity of his case.

He is losing the platform he
seeks for his campaign of hate.

Claiming His Rights