We Crashed The Car …

Policemen on their training course
for dealing with terrorists were
sent to the central police station
for briefing on the Christ church
mosque shootings: To search for
gunmen, guard streets near mosques.

“And stop crashing cars, ”
said the sergeant for they had
crashed one previous week.

On their allotted duties two
officers near the mosque saw
a car driving strangely ahead.
They drove across the front of it
rammed it, dragged out its driver,
away from its guns and IED’s.

Grasping their prisoner on the
footpath  they radioed for a car
to take him to the central police
station, and another for themselves.

They did their arrest’s paper work
others took in the shooter’s car for
processing with its deadly cargo.

The arresting officers made another
call, “Sarge we crashed the car …. ”

They had caught the single gunman.

They were excused the consequences.

We Crashed The Car …