To rule the world
with a will of iron
is the tabby hunter’s
purpose in life.

She sneaks birds inside,
buries dead birds
in piles of dolls’ clothes.
She creeps into the bedroom,
curls up on the five year old’s head
purring loudly until removed.

She slips into the garage
full of power tools and
hazardous substances,
refuses to come out,
later meows loudly
to be let out. She then rushes
to her bowl for sustenance.

Last school holidays she stopped
coming in, even for meals.
Her black and white friend
drooped and pined for her.
Her family thought she was gone forever
but after nine days she returned,
ravenous but not thirsty.
Locked in another garage ?
with a laundry tub ?
She’s not telling a soul.

Now she meows loudly at her family
when she comes home,
checks little girls in their beds
in the mornings, checks
everyone coming home.

For now she stays out of the garage
as she is told to do.

Previously posted May 2016.