Black Squiggles

The new school year started on
her eighth birthday, to continue
her battle with strange black
squiggles on pages of books,
on whiteboards. Worst of all to
make them with a pencil in books.
Music, art, PE brought relief
but then it was back to the squiggles.

She wrote them large, awkwardly,
not sure what she wrote, seeing them
through strange cloudy distortions.

One day a week after school
she writes maths in her work
book with Auntie Jo who last
year gave her a test which
shook her up badly with so
much to write. Auntie Jo called
out equations, she wrote
them down with her answers.

Yesterday Auntie Jo gave the test
again, the eight year old wrote
steadily though her hand got shaky,
her writing large. She looked
back to other equations, used
counters, worked out answers.

Auntie Jo praised her for
keeping her cool, keeping on
writing. fixing mistakes, gave
her lots of big stickers.

The eight year old is still not
quite sure what she did so well.

Black Squiggles