February 29

On New Year’s day
Mum brings out this
year’s new calendars.

We both go to school now
we know how calendars work
we look for birthdays on one
calendar. We find Claire’s
birthday in January, Dad’s
and Auntie Maureen’s
birthdays in February.

Our little brother’s birthday
is not there !  He was born on
29 February last year, he will
be one on 29 February this year.
We can not find 29 on February
on the new 2017 calendar.

Mum and Dad say no February
has 29 days every fourth year only
and will do it next time in 2020.
Chloe is not  to write “29” on
February on the kitchen calendar.

“That does not make sense !” insists
Chloe. Later she quietly writes
“29” in bright lime green felt tip
pen on February on our bedroom
calendar from school.

She also writes “29”
on February in Nana’s
calendar. Nana does
not seem to mind.

February 29