Hanging Out The Washing

We’re hanging out the washing
before we go to bed.
Daddy lowered the clothesline’s end,
we pegging baby’s wash cloths.
Daddy pegs his work clothes
at the higher end.
Chloe pegs the wash cloths
at the lower end.

Claire chatters happily and
sometimes pegsĀ  a wash cloth.
She’s had a month at school
she’s a proud big school kid now.
The “letter of the week” always
brings her great excitement.
She can’t wait until it’s “u”.
She’ll draw “underpants” in
her alphabet homework notebook
for her kind new teacher.

This baby brother cries a lot,
things get changed around.
Mummy cooked the boulognaise
but then he wailed again.
Daddy put out our dinner
then we ate it, just we three.

Here comes Mummy now,
the baby’s gone to sleep.
we’ll clean our teeth,
get into bed, and hear
our bedtime story.

Previously posted April 2016.






Hanging Out The Washing