Chocolate Cake

Sitting on the bottom step
from Nana’s deck
the three year old feasts
energetically and enthusiastically
on Nana’s chocolate birthday cake.
With both feet planted
firmly on the grass she
grasps her plate on her lap
in both hands while chewing
the sumptuous mouthful.
She rolls its rich moist texture
around her mouth
as she chews it.

She carefully lets go of
her plate with one hand
and lifts her cake
biting into it deeply.
Icing coats her nose, chin, cheeks,
as she plunges her teeth
into the heavenly food.
Her hand grasps her plate again,
only a small piece of cake
now sits in the centre as
she chews the new mouthful,
savouring it happily.

Her father on the grass nearby
takes candid shots
of her whole hearted joy
in cake and icing.

He has several similar photos.
Maybe he will bring them out
for her twenty first birthday.

Previously posted January 2016.

Chocolate Cake