His Territory

The black and white cat has a large
territory which he roams throughout
the day according to his mood, the
weather, temperatures, time of day.

In the afternoons the living room is
sunny, the couch is cosily warm in
fact even warmer if little brother
has left the fleecy lined cat bed
there up against the cushions.

However his garden gives much
more variety. He has nests in long
grass in the sun, in the ivy and
wandering jew under trees, long grass
and weeds under the deck, under the
house, where he sleeps curled up.

Under the hedge along the long
driveway, interesting scents and
twitching in weeds and grasses
hold his attention at length.

On sunny days he stretches out
baking in the sun, blocking the
driveway, moving slowly, reluctantly
when Dad’s tradesman’s van comes
home between jobs to drop off
pick up supplies, equipment.
The van crawls slowly behind him
for luckily Dad is a cat lover.

What a pampered existence.

His Territory