The Hunter

The ginger tabby and his black
housemate reside with Suzie and
Tom. The two grown up sons  have
moved out so the cats have their
undivided attention particularly
the ginger tabby after a fall off
the garage roof crippled his
back legs and tail.

The ginger tabby enjoys human
company, tolerates the care
needed by his injured spine.

Black cat, a hunter by instinct,
claws at hands touching him
against his will. He prowls the
neighbourhood far and wide,
through the bush stretching up
the hills behind his street, hunting
all prey – rats, mice, birds.

Black cat loves Suzie and Tom in
his staunch feline way, brings his
trophies home to the living room.
He stands proudly in front of them
gripping prey in his jaws, a tail
dangling out one side of his mouth,
a limp head hanging from the other.

He used to eat his rodents in the
living room but eventually heeded
Suzie’s cries of  “Urk !  Gross !”
Now he eats them outside.
In the laundry he eats his generously
supplied cat food – and probably
some of the ginger tabby’s food too.

He is a giant of a cat.

The Hunter