An Active Life

The eight year old joyfully creates
with paper, scissors, sellotape, glue,
gel pens. She makes pictures, birthday
cards, invitations, folds origami
animals with Auntie Jo from the
book she got for her last birthday.

She efficiently makes meals and
teas in the kitchen standing at the
bench on the Minnie Mouse stool.
Spending the day at Nana’s place
cooking with Nana is exciting for her.

Since the school concert of fifties,
sixties rock’n’roll songs for which
she practised endlessly, loudly, she
goes to hip hop dance classes where
she participates so energetically.
She likes the pretty ballet costumes
but her co-ordination is well behind
others of her age. She is happy
when dancing hip hop.

We are glad to see her finding so
much joy in all these activities for
she has to slog so hard at school.
Her reading, writing, are now good
for her age, her maths is improving
with Auntie Jo’s help.

Yet all this is at a great cost of
huge effort and energy at school,
then at home with her parents in
balance and co-ordination
exercises after tea each day.

Dyslexia is a life sentence.

An Active Life