Birth Certificate

Uncle was born to a spinster mother
during WWI in a town far from her
home. A friend there supported her
during her stay then she moved to
the big city to work. Ten years
later she took him back to her
family home briefly, that was all
he ever knew of them. All her life
she was vague about his father.

In his fifties after she died Uncle’s
employers wanted him to visit Fiji
so he sought a passport. The main
government office had no birth
recorded for his names and dates,
none in his mother’s home town.

After long processes with school
records and WWII Army service the
government office confirmed a date
of birth, issued a certificate, his father
stated “unknown”. He obtained his
passport, now travelled for work.

Years after Uncle’s death grand
daughter took a DNA test, sent it
away, contacted resulting links in
New Zealand and Australia.
With their help Uncle’s father was
found, a married man living with
wife and children near his mother’s
family home in her home town.

A photo in newspaper archives
showed a man looking like Uncle
killed long ago in WWI.

Hi family are glad at the answers
sad that he never knew his father.

Birth Certificate