Traffic Overhead

Planes and helicopters chatter
sporadically across the sky
all day in criss cross traffic
while our earthbound traffic
flows on below in our
daily business.

Booming helicopter rotors circle
our hospital roof along the road
ferrying in the sick and injured
from busy roads and farmlands
urgently rushing some to the
regional hospital down the coast.

Thrumming engines draw my eyes
up to planes soaring into the
clouds, to planes dipping slowly
in little steps down to the airport.

So much action up in the sky
in which I once joined, visiting
other regions, other countries.
Now I stay home recalling my
travels over the years, so much
organisation, time in airports.

How did I do it ? My
next mode of  travel will be
on Scotty’s transporter…….
…….Beam me up Scotty !

Traffic Overhead