(New Zealand Swamphen)

In the foreground of the seaside scene
the pukeko leans down to peck at
the bare ground. Further back stands
an old colonial house, etched in ink,
delicately tinted in water colours.

A calm pale sea shimmers in the
distance beyond hardy windblown
shrubs on a grassy bank. Gnarled
trees wearing crimson flowers protect
the two storey house inside the white
picket fence beside a tidal stream
seeping over the narrow beach.

Lush arum lilies with thick green
leaves sprawl around the unheeding
bird pecking for tasty tidbits. red
legs, beak, comb blaze against
dark blue plumage and its tail,
upended, flashing a splash of white,
placid, contented, peaceful.

Previously posted December 2016.