New Zealand Earthquake (2)

Thank you all those who asked about my safety here after all our earthquakes 58 hours ago.

We are getting back to normal here in Palmerston North, with only peripheral damage. I slept through most of the shaking here, much to the disgust of some family members.

Tired schoolchildren like my two little great nieces are catching up on their sleep.
They were woken up by the house shaking violently then their father rushed into their bedroom and got them down on to the floor between their beds until the shaking had well and truly stopped. It took them a while to get back to sleep. Meanwhile their mother woke baby brother when she took him out of his cot and got them curled up safely on the floor. They took a while to get back to sleep too.
A lot of hot water tanks sloshed over and soaked carpets,  and banking systems have to be sorted out so the banks are closed. Otherwise damage is slight.

It was a series of quakes triggered off by each other in the same band of faults from Taupo down to near Culverden just north of Christchurch. We are seeing pictures of horrendous damage along the coast from Picton down to Christchurch, and it will take years for those poor people caught up in it to recover .

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New Zealand Earthquake (2)