Ice Cream

Ah !  the joys of the ice cream freezer !
A reward for that trolley full of
boring vital groceries.

Tiramisu ?  Maple and Walnut ?
both sweet and rich
but not sickly sweet.
A deep dark sweetness
in Tiramisu’s coffee and cocoa,
a dark burnt sweetness
in the maple syrup.

Do I want
the chocolate and coffee ?
Or the burnt maple ?
What will I want tonight ?

I make my choice,
take it home
with the other groceries.

After dinner , with dishes done,
I can relax with my maple and walnut ice cream
after anticipating it
all afternoon.
Maple and walnut is my mood.

Opening my freezer
I find … Tiramisu !
Mental adjustment needed !
Budget constraints
require that I eat it
before I buy
more ice cream.

Hmmmmm  …….

Ice Cream