Children’s Reunion

Family gather for Nana’s big
birthday potluck lunch on a
sunny Autumn Sunday.
A free flowing cornucopia
of plates, bowls of food
arrives on the kitchen table.

Nana’s grandchildren from
around the country meet after
a long separation. The three
older ones play schoolyard tag,
hide and seek with loud shrieks
and yells around talking adults
in the living room, on the deck
round the garden through
fruit trees feet thudding at
high speed back inside
through bedrooms on through
the kitchen from which
they are promptly ejected.

The four year old can’t keep up
no one will play little cars
with him they are running
so fast they scare him.
His Dad plays cars with him, the
four year old calms down.

Little brother’s sturdy two
year old legs run valiantly
to keep up by fail. Mum
and Nana in the kitchen
talk to him as they lay out
the food. He brightens up.
Lunch will be soon.

Previously posted May 2018.

Children’s Reunion

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