Birthday Feast

At Nana’s home family
gathered for her very significant
birthday on a sunny day with
some of her friends they brought
generous offerings for a tasty
home made pot luck lunch.

Roast chicken and vegetables
falafel balls salad and bread
with so much more went on to
our plates then we sat to on the
deck and its steps to enjoy
this feast. Little brother sat
with Dad who helped him
with this birthday lunch.

Next came fruit, ice cream in
different flavours with home
made muffins holding chocolate
chips and blueberries.

Finally the glorious masterpiece
the lemon birthday cake all
covered in flowery swirls
of purple icing, Nana’s
very favourite colour.

All enjoyed in cheerful company
of family and friends in the sun.

Previously posted April 2018.

Birthday Feast

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