Inside the supermarket entry
tower tall displays of boxed
chocolate rabbits, giant Easter
eggs mini Easter eggs all in
boxes, sealed cellophane packets
wrapped in gold, silver, brightly
coloured foil all around me
in front of the sliding doors.

They pull me up short, foods
a diabetic should not eat.

Vivid memories return from
a year ago. Newly diagnosed
with diabetes I went with
my first diabetes class on a
dietitian guided tour of the
supermarket food shelves
discussing food ingredient
effects on diabetic bodies …

… saw a life of exclusion at
the supermarket before me.

Previously posted March 2018.


3 thoughts on “Easter

    1. It is, Sigh … But I am getting more accustomed to it. I have occasionally tried having chocolate “bites” in the house but I do not have the will power to limit myself to a tiny daily intake…..

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