Creeping Cockroaches

Each year an occasional
cockroach strayed across
the back door steps of our
little flats. we never saw
where they came from.

Until a young couple settled
into out middle flat
cleared out their carport
and locker for car parts
and mechanic’s tools.

Cockroaches surged out
to be squashed with the
yard broom on the
carport’s concrete floor.

No more cockroaches for
a long time until he
spent his summer break
on car engine and wheels
for days in and out of the
locker with parts and tools.

A cockroach rebellion against
the upheaval surged out of
their lair to be squashed in
the carport, on door steps.

All is peaceful for now until he
works again on his elderly car.

Previously posted February 2018.

Creeping Cockroaches

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