Christmas Greetings

I crossed names off my
Christmas card list for those
who are no longer with us.
Names scattered around the country.

I wrote “deceased” through
them when I kept returning
to them. Very stark.
I will rewrite my list.

I did send Christmas emails
but many of them replied
with Christmas cards.
So I still have a written list.

Harder to delete my generation
than previous generations.

A friend wanted only close
family around her as she lay
dying of her third cancer onset.
Her husband replied to
her friends’ Christmas
cards three months later.

Two distant elderly relatives
from family history days
did not reply this time,
were not on googled
deathe notices.
Are they still alive ?
Or in limbo ?

My Christmas card tradition
has suffered tectonic shifts.

Previously posted February 2018.

Christmas Greetings

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