Dressing for town

An exciting morning – shopping
in town spending pocket money
in between Mum’s errands.

Svelte chic for the eight year
old with close fitting jeans
geometric zigzagged cardigan
buttoned to the neck, hair
neatly tied back, iridescent
pink flats with tiny bows.

Femininity for the six year old
pink shirt pink starred leggings
under smart denim skirt complete
with heart covered sneakers.
Last of all a necklace teamed
with sparkly dangly hair ties.

Mum quickly dons smart jeans
shirt, flats, applies makeup
combs hair, puts on ear rings.

Little brother wears striped
leggings, cowboy sweat shirt,
cute little sneakers, his first ever.

His special comb goes
over his tight curly thatch.
Oh no ! Loud screams !
How could she !
She’s combing his hair !

Three smartly dressed ladies
drive off to town with tidy
tear stained little brother
buckled firmly in his seat.

Previously posted November 2017.

Dressing for town

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