Grizzling sounds came from
little brother’s bedroom as
Mum and Aunty met in the hall
but Mum said he could wait
a few minutes while they finished
in the kitchen and bathroom.

The eight year old stared as
they went their different
directions while little brother
still grizzled and whined.

Five minutes later Mum and
Aunty were joined in the
kitchen by the small slight
eight year old lugging sturdy
little brother, both beaming.

They are very close friends.
She had lowered the side of
his cot. He leaned over it, she
helped him roll over it, slide
down to the floor, where
she unzipped his sleep sack.

He stood up she hugged
him from behind and
staggered with him
into the kitchen –
partners in their endeavour.

Previously posted November 2017.


7 thoughts on “Partners

    1. They are the children of my nephew. The younger two had a lot of health problems when they were younger and I have been going there one afternoon a week to help out. My brother and his ex wife have been doing the same.

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