Enemy Squadrons

Down our driveway waft
enemy squadrons of invisible
fungi spores bombarding
my garden, my neighbours’
motley leafed maroon and
green pittosporums, the
demure viburnum out the front.

Armies are entrenched along
the front hedge surrounding
the little front lawn; blotches
of curly leaf, powdery and
sooty mildew severely oppress
those poor sad dulled leaves.

The front flat’s gardening man
was outraged when I asked
if he sprayed the depressed
overpowered hedge. (It remained
defeated, overpowered
after he had gone.)

That spring I sprayed the gardens,
the hedge. Lush foliage spread
upwards and outwards all along
our drive. The viburnum
crowded out its front garden.
In summer the bees returned.

Now the gardening man is
far more frequently trimming
rampant vegetation around
our front flats.

Previously posted September 2017.

Enemy Squadrons

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