A Bumper Crop

A cool wet summer
expelled our usual drought
to the disgust of those
preferring baking
temperatures, bright blue
skies, blazing sunshine.

Now in icy winter
the neighbours’ mandarin
tree at our fence
surprises us with a
heavy crop of little
juicy orange citrus gems.

It used to sprout these
little fruits randomly under
its leafy canopy. Green leaves
would quiver, flip upside down
as green silvereyes dived into
its orange clusters for a
succulent feast of insects
and iridescent ladybugs.

Now the silvereyes shelter
from icy winds and freezing
rain while we harvest this
bumper crop as best we can.

Previously posted July 2017.

A Bumper Crop

8 thoughts on “A Bumper Crop

    1. Yes they are a mild citrus flavour so it becomes a matter of personal taste as to whether they are chosen. They fruit here in July and August so I do not know how this year’s crop will be.

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