Far Away

In her early fifties with
grown children flown, yet
no one in her life replacing
the long gone husband, while
her erratic workplace called
for voluntary redundancies,
her thoughts turned to the
family friend who had often
visited on business from
his distant home country.

After his next visit
they increased emails and
long distance phone calls.
Finally she was ready,
took redundancy on her
workplace’s next call,
sold up, moved far away
to his home for her
country would not allow
him to live there with her.

His country allowed her to
live there in a happy life and
marriage for over ten years.

Until her body betrayed her,
tiny blood vessels burst in
her brain letting go of her
memories so that she only
wanted to be in the land
she used to know for
over fifty years.

He could not live there
with her, to care for her.

She could no longer
live alone.

Previously posted July 2017.

Far Away

8 thoughts on “Far Away

    1. Yes – and they are still having time together. She has been particularly bad since mid 2020 when it became apparent that it would be long time before she could get back to visit England. Quite simply there are few if any planes, flying, and it is now incredibly expensive to fly – if you are lucky enough to get on a plane. And she is now too physically weak to travel. He refuses to put her into a rest home but caring for her is so demanding that he may suffer the same fate as other caregiving partners and die before she does. She will certainly end up in a rest home then, but without visits from him. But he won’t be told.

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      1. We still seem to have cheap flights within Europe. My son is flying London to Amsterdam for £45 each way. But I just looked up the flights to NZ — £800!!

        It’s the ferry prices for that have gone up fast. We used to pay £50 return , now it’s £120.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yikes !! – very high ferry prices ! Plane fares to New Zealand have always been high compared to other places and routes. We are a very small destination far away at the end of the world.

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