Do weight watchers and
Jenny Craig attend diabetes
classes to learn the best
meals for diabetic customers ?

How much do customers
pay them to attend these
time consuming classes ?

As late stage diabetes patients
fill hospitals and medical
centres our government sets
up classes to halt this flow.

Living on a pension I attend
these free classes myself
learning to cook new meals,
understanding medications,
blood tests, care of feet.

Information overload !

We must reduce our intake of
alcohol, meat, carbohydrates,
some diabetics drop out of classes.
All the findings of modern
science are too hard for them.

This information from my classes
now fills a ringbinder. I told my
friend I could sit exams on
all this scientific outpouring.

She says I could pass these exams.

Would weight watchers and
Jenny Craig pass the exams ?

Previously posted July 2017.


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