Pumpkin Soup

Chop garish pumpkin into
pieces squish thud squish
thud. Chop off skin scoop out
seeds slide skin and seeds
into scraps bucket clatter clatter.
Slide pumpkin pieces from board
into pan with knife blade. Add
small chopped potato to thicken
sprinkle salt and pepper over all.
Cover with chicken stock simmer.

Bubble bubble bubble lid puffs
up steam puffs out lid clunks
down after steam escapes.
Puff clunk puff clunk.
Turn down element heat
rattle rattle clunk rattle
rattle puff ssssss !!!

Lift lid test pumpkin, knife
slides in pumpkin soft as butter.
Mash pumpkin potato chunks
together stir into chicken stock.
Aaahh !! heavenly steaming aroma !
top up with chicken stock,
stir in milk – creamy texture …
Taste …… aaah !! …… !!

Heat again gently, lid rattles,
stir slowly, set aside to settle.
Pour into bowls, add sour cream
dollop, chopped parsley garnish
…………. Perfection ……….. !!!

Previously posted June 2017.

Pumpkin Soup

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