Knots And Kinks

Working for a living my spine
twisted into kinks, my muscles
crunched bones out of place.
…… Pain ! …… Immobility !

On the massage table the
therapeutic masseuse fully trained
in human anatomy would unknot
the knots, unkink the kinks with
thumbs, knuckles, heel of hand
all precisely and agonisingly
placed ……. Aaaaaaarghh !

I would carefully focus on
relaxing to allow this additional
pain to release the knots
and kinks, release me to move.

Next day I would feel tender
through neck, arms, shoulders,
back, thighs, calves even after
hot showers and baths.
Soon I would move easily
… until I eventually seized
up in new knots, new kinks.

After retirement I expected
to move freely, continuously
without further painful massage.

Not so. Age has replaced
workday stresses, knots still
return to grip my back.
Those expert hands must
still work their painful magic.

Previously posted June 2017.

Knots And Kinks

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