Little Gardens

Alongside our little row of flats
runs our smooth concrete driveway
widely absorbing sunny heat, opening
us up to the blue sky, leading along
the neighbours’ fence, round to our
carports, on a to a narrow path
passing our back doors, our clotheslines.

Under each flat’s front windows sits
a little garden with multi sized
shaped and coloured shrubs softening
doors, windows brick walls, concrete.

River stones and pebble mulch lie
under the plants in the other gardens
keeping them tidy for tenant
without tools or gardening skills.

My garden’s soil is open to the
sky, breathing freely amidst
brick, stone and concrete.

I interact with this soil feeding
it compost as it drinks in air and rain.
In return the soil shares its bounty
with all comers, windblown seeds as
well as my chosen plants and flowers.

Removing these uninvited scrambling
sprawling invaders I stand my ground
………………… More writing time goes by.

Previously posted June 2017.

Little Gardens

2 thoughts on “Little Gardens

  1. My friend lives out in the country. She owns a plant nursery. She’s getting ready with her seedlings for the planting season. She tossed some seeds in soil, not meaning for them to clump together like they did. So, she brought over her tiny plants and said, “I overdid it. Help yourself if you don’t mind taking the chance that they won’t thrive.”
    So my daughter, an avid gardener, my sister, and I helped ourselves. We’re having erratic weather in Upstate NY, so I found a room with sunny windows and spread the pots out to hopefully grow the tiny greens to a size suitable for transplant. I hope you are doing well.

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