Renegades swirl, surge
in a never ending stream inside
me as fewer and fewer power cells
flow from the little power house
tucked in among the workshops
pump and bellows in side my torso.
These renegades invade the fuel
pumped through computer control
through all the busy factories of
my body, around my limbs and
outer extremities, congealing
its fuel lines, fine wiring, clogging
filters of my waste disposal system.

Everything in my body
struggles to hold them
at bay, to continue with
preprogrammed functions
to hold back the monster
renegade flow …… diabetes.

Previously posted April 2017.


5 thoughts on “Renegades

    1. Thank you for that. I was directed by my medical centre to classes to help us understand how diabetes works, so I have not done that. What your relative needs to remember is that if a diabetic gets hungry the liver puts more blood sugars into the bloodstream, so that their blood stream gets overloaded with sugars. So they need to work out how much food they need to eat during the day so that they have had enough to eat by 8pm or 9pm at night. If you are hungry after that time you eat a whole lot of food that will not be burned up by the time you go to bed.

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