A Night Out

The black and white cat
had a rip in one ear when
he arrived for breakfast this
morning jumping down from
the back fence after a night
out, seemingly unconcerned
and intent on his meal.

During daytime he relaxes
in sunny patches on spare
beds and couches, or curled
up on a dining chair closely
watching his bowl in the laundry
with a clear view through the
kitchen as Mum cooks dinner.

He used to have a paws up
break in Dad’s office at nights
until he set off the burglar
alarm at 2 am giving Mum and
Dad a nasty fright until they saw
him emerge from his cat
door there – now that feline
access is locked at nights.

So after dark he crosses
the lawn, climbs the back
fence to meet neighbourhood
felines. Let’s hope they are not
rough and ready tonight.

Previously posted April 2017.

A Night Out

5 thoughts on “A Night Out

    1. He is allowed inside at night. He has a cat door in the house back door as well as the cat door in the office. In New Zealand we have no foxes, coyotes, or raccoons, or any other animals likely to attack cats. People are expected to keep their dogs under control or they get taken in by the animal control officer. So cats themselves choose whether they are indoor or outdoor cats. This cat is often inside during the daytime, but goes outside once he has seen the twelve year old and little brother off to sleep – he sits on the twelve year old and purrs her to sleep. He just enjoys seeing his mates at night and sometimes they seem to get a bit rough with each other.

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      1. He has not babysat during the daytime for a while now, he is eight years old. But he does sleep a lot , following the sun round the house. Best places to be found in the living room or the kid’s “playroom” – which is usually a shambles. But he does do a great job with the twelve year old who has always taken ages to get to sleep. He likes little brother too, but he started walking over little brother when he moved to a bed at 2 1/2 years. Being a large tom cat he was very heavy and little brother objected. But black and white cat visits when he can.

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