In A Digital World

We all access the internet in this
digital world, says the government.

Covid vaccination passports now
they say. Population must get them
in three weeks or be excluded
from society’s activities.

Half the eligible population find,
download vaccination passports.

– Not retirees with no photo ID
like passports or driving licences.
– Not retirees with no computers
smart phones or helpful relatives.
– Not rural people with little or no
internet access, no phone towers.
– Not low income families sharing
a computer or email access.
– Not low income families with no
smart phones or computers.

Not this retiree who applied online
while awaiting her renewed licence.
The website rejected her even
after long waits for help line to
answer her call and reset her account.

At last some pharmacies are allowed
to grant vaccination passports.

Our 2018 census gained only 80%
responses after going online.

They are very slow learners.

In A Digital World

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