Old Age Home Lottery (2)

After her husband left them
she brought up their daughter,
working each day at the local
cinema complex office, her earnings
paying for rent, utilities, food,
clothes, daughter’s school costs.

Her daughter grew up, went out
to work, became pregnant.
Her son’s father soon left,
as her own father had left.

Daughter and grandson left town
with a new partner. Mother was
comfortable in her new office job.

Daughter and grandson settled with
new farm worker husband on the
farm with two babies. All thrived.

Turning fifty mother’s body began
to fail: asthma, lung infections
heart weaknesses. She reduced her
work hours, reduced them again.
Her brother in his fifties, such a
healthy eater, cycling, running,
was defeated by relentless heart
and lung problems. Soon passed away.

Mother deteriorated further, kept
falling. No government help for
her care until she is far gone.
She now lives in the farm worker’s
house with daughter’s family.

seven years’ wait for old age pension
at sixty five …. If she lives that long.

Old Age Home Lottery (2)

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