Old Age Home Lottery (!)

The price of a family home will
purchase occupancy rights in a
retirement village: villa, apartment.
buying small leaves some of your
sale price to pay monthly fees
till the end of the resident’s life.

On our shaky isles’ home ownership
over fifty is common. Big companies
build retirement villages
to care for us in our old age.
In our little regional city they
are building a fifth village.
On a large vacant lot across the road
they are expanding my own village.

So many retirement village price i
places for such a small city.

But a lottery nonetheless for
a home in our old age.

I own mine through my share
of our parents’ home price in
our sprawling megacity’s
inflated house prices.

Many older people still pay
rent after low paid jobs
poor health on sickness benefits.

The home lottery is cruel
to the frail, the very old,
to those in poor health,
on sickness benefits.

Old Age Home Lottery (!)

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