At The Heart Of The Family

Vaccination time !
Vaccinate the whole population
to stem the spread of Covid 19.

First the older age groups.
All senior relatives in their
seventies had two vaccinations.

Next middle aged jabs began.
Mum loudly vowed that poison
would not go into her body
or her children’s bodies.

Nana’s strongly principled beliefs
expressed strong horror.

Mum, equally principled, responded
angrily, the huge uproar heard
by the twelve year old nearby.
the first time she had heard such
a major adult disagreement.

Next time Nana parked at their
house five year old little brother
rushed out, asked if she had
been jabbed. “Yes,” she had.
“People who get jabbed are mean !”
he told her.

Nana adores her grandchildren,
fears her bad heart will sever
her from them early.

A gaping rift in the heart
of the family.

Mum is still angry.

Nana is still shaken.

At The Heart Of The Family

8 thoughts on “At The Heart Of The Family

    1. They have had all the childhood vaccinations. It is only the covid 19 injections she objects to – as a trained experienced nurse ! She was extremely wound up from the first time she spoke to me about it. But she is still troubled with the after effects of breaking both ankles. and long months of two children with extremely disturbed nights from their many food intolerances. I have decided that her husband and children need her to be supported for their own good, so I have made no arguments with her viewpoint. The children do seem to have let go of her attitude to Nana now, thankfully, having a sleepover with Nana this weekend. Nana does not help either. She is always convinced that her views are the right views, and gets surprised when other people do not share her views. “Nana” is a good friend, but frequently disapproves of me. I do not let it get to me. she is vulnerable too with all her heart problems. Families !!

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